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Product Detail Information
CDR - Centrifugal Pump End Suction
  • UCN-BL pumps are single stage, horizontal centrifugal pumps with conventional mechanical sealing.
  • In compact and silent close-coupled execution, they can be mounted on to B5frame motors.
  • Suction and discharge piping connections comply with DIN 24256 and ISO 2858 international standards.
  • The pump casing features a thermoplastic internal layer in PP, PVDF or PFA, moulded directly on to the cast iron casing shell (ILS Integrated Lining System), thus granting optimal grip even in vacuum situations.
  • The lining technology combines the optimal mechanical resistance of a metallic casing with the high corrosion resistance of the plastic material in contact with the liquid.
  • Thanks to its moulding technology, CDR UCN-BL pumps can resist to temperatures up to 120C and pressures up to16 bar.
  • UCN-BL pumps can mount different types of single, double and cartridge mechanical seals: besides the most common seals, CDR offers its own FC 35 seal, that has been engineered focusing on the exigencies
  • of corrosive dirty liquids.
  • Generously dimensioned shaft, closed, open and open recessed impellers, all benefiting of CDR unique impeller blocking system, conic stuffing box with anti-abrasion devices and leakage protection options
  • make the High-Tech UCN-L pump most appalling for the most arduous duties.
  • UCN-BL pumps are the optimal solution when handling with corrosive, toxic, badsmelling, radioactive,sterile and inflammable liquids.
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